COVID-19 related products

The outbreak of COVID-19 around the world has caused a massive shift in protective product requirements in daily life and in almost every industry imaginable needed to provide the necesary protection and precautionary measures to guard against spreading and / or becoming infected by the disease. 

In response to the heightened demand for reputable, high quality products that protect against COVID-19, we now offer a selected range of safety products available in South Africa as well as for export globally. Contact us for a quote...


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Face Shield Protective Wear

The face shields are personal protective equipment devices used by multiple industries such as medical, dental, veterinary, security and many more to provide protection to the facial areas and associated mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from splatters, sprays andbody fluids.


  • Durable and lightweight

  • Comfort fit and adjustable to fit all head sizes

  • Visor, full face and side design coverage

  • No restriction in breathing

  • Anti-fog

  • No impact with prescription spectacles or PPE eye-wear

  • Easy to clean and disinfect

  • Interchangeable visors (also sold separately)

  • Does not impede facial non-verbal communication which aids dialog with people with hearing impairments.


Lens material:

Super clear Cellulose Di-Acetate 400um material


Injection moulded ABS frame


150mm* 250mm * 180mm

Touchless Hand Sanitiser Station

The Touchless Solution to Hand sanitizing stations for use in public spaces. Our foot operated sanitiser dispensers are robust in construction and eliminate any need for staff and customers to manually apply hand sanitiser or require staff/ customer interaction.
This simple yet highly effective hygienic solution supports Covid-19 requirements for social distancing, and the dispenser also minimises any wastage through metered dosage per shot via the foot pedal.



  • Weatherised, durable, strong and lightweight

  • Easy to use with large pictorial usage directions

  • Long lifespan and easy to sterilise and wash

  • Suitable for high traffic areas and continuous use

  • Message board for branding and communication

  • Ships flat and assembled in 3 simple steps with tools supplied

  • Unit works with both pump action and push spray bottles

  • Height adjustable bottle bracket holds most types of bottle sizes



Hot dipped galvanised mild steel base and frame


1300mm X 300mm X 300mm


Public spaces, offices, factories, schools, cheches, shopping centres etc

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