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The Qlicksmart BladeFLASK is every scalpel user’s best tool. The world’s pioneering single-handed blade remover enables healthcare professionals to safely remove and contain up to 100 scalpel blades. Clinicians can maintain their preferences for conventional metal handles while protecting healthcare workers from blood borne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C resulted from scalpel injuries. 


For use in : Hospitals  |  Doctor’s clinics  |  Dentistry  |  Dermatology  |  Laboratories  |  Mortuaries  |  Podiatry clinics  |  Veterinaries  |  University/school labs

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Single handed scalpel blade remover

The BladeFLASK scalpel blade remover is simple to use with a quick, single-handed “push, click, and pull” action to remove and contain used scalpel blades. Used together with a hands-free passing technique, the Qlicksmart BladeFLASK can prevent up to 5 times more injuries than a safety scalpel.

Scalpel safety for the sterile field

The Qlicksmart SnapIT ampoule opener Trolley edition is made from high-quality, autoclavable aluminium, which offers complete protection against glass ampoule injuries. Available in three sizes, the SnapIT Trolley Edition comes with a flat side that stops it from rolling and potentially falling off a table or trolley.

Puracloth image pack2.jpg


Puracloth™ is a soft foam cloth for full and partial body cleansing and moisturizing. Puracloth™ is skin friendly, non-sensitizing and free of preservatives.

• Neutral odour
• Time saving
• Efficient
• Cost effective
• A safe alternative to textile wash-mittens

Puracloth™ polyurethane wash cloth - 30 pcs per pack


Scalpel safety for the sterile field

With a stable and compact construction, the BladeCASSETTE scalpel blade remover is an ideal size for the sterile field. It can hold up to 3 used surgical blades, and allows for an accurate count and efficient disposal.


Medication labelling

CheckCLIP medication labeling device allows clinicians to draw up the drug with both the syringe and ampoule remaining in their hands at all time. This reduces the risk of both syringe swap and ampoule swap errors.


Two devices in one

BladeNeedleSYSTEM is two safety devices in one – the world’s only single-handed scalpel blade remover is combined with the standard needle counter to allow an accurate count and efficient disposal of both scalpel blades and suture needles.



BladeFLASK mounting bracket

Mounting Bracket for Qlicksmart scalpel blade removers to allow for single-handed blade removal operation.

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